We Will Be with You at Every Step of the Way

GH LEGAL s.r.o. the legal firm will be by your side through all stages of ideation, developing and launching the startup. Our attempt is to be involved in developing your business not as a legal counsellor, but as your partner.

First Step

In developing startups, the first step and business ideation is probably the most important step. Yet, many of those who form ideas are not informed about their legal or financial implications. We will help you in detailed review in the first sketch of your startup, and we will also guide you in filling legal vacuum so that you would make your ideas clearer and succeed with more confidence.

First Stages

Today, launching startups outside the framework of web space will be pointless. Thus, by creating a website or developing any application, there will be countless legal issues. From legal ownership rights to creating a transparent process in keeping legal documents and standards, these are among the most important services that we offer to collaborate with you.

Launching Business

In this stage, all steps of business will become practical. From registering the company and startup to employing personnel and commercial agreements. We will help you create the best possible entrepreneurship agreements. From the other hand, our counseling in registering a trademark, creating an agreement with investors, shareholders, and helping in establishing a legal and financial roadmap are among our most important services to you.