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GH LEGAL s.r.o. is a legal firm with a unique series of all legal and counseling services for startups, domestic, and foreign companies. Our wide range of services are carefully focused on the legal rules of businesses and startups, rules of companies and regulation. Our large clientele in the legal field of cryptocurrencies, Blockchain and Fintech has turned us into the most expert legal firm in the legal field of financial technologies. This firm provides various legal services for foreigners.

Financial Technologies, Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain and Fintech

The advent of new financial technologies in recent years has caused a lot of changes in the legislation of different countries. On the other hand, various businesses that are directly or indirectly in contact with financial technologies including cryptocurrencies, Blockchain technology, and Fintech, are always involved in some legal ambiguity due to wide changes in the legal and judicial laws in this field. The advent of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology gives rise to the hope of a new era in financial and commercial transfers in the world. Yet, many countries look upon cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology with hesitation out of fear of financial crimes and money laundering.

Fintech also gives rise to the hope of new banking that offers a future with higher speed and lower global financial transfer costs. But even research companies in this field suffer from the lack of consistent and comprehensive legal rules.

We at the GH LEGAL s.r.o. assure all companies and startups in the field of Fintech, Blockchain, and cryptocurrencies about entering the market by offering legal counseling. On the other hand, our firm can inform you on potential legal threats in the field of financial technologies by extensive evaluation and analysis. Issuing permit and offering counseling in adjusting and coordinating financial services related to cryptocurrencies, Blockchain, and Fintech with different countries’ legal rules are among our other services in this field.

other legal services are as follows:

  • Experience in legal counseling and establishing ICOs
  • Legal counseling in the field of STOs
  • Legal counseling in the field of launching Blockchain technologies
  • Analyzing legal and financial regulations related to cryptocurrencies and financial technologies in different countries
  • Legal counseling in investing in the field of Blockchain technology, Fintech, and cryptocurrencies
  • Intellectual property

By having a wide variety of large clientele in the field of Blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and Fintech all across the world, we are one of the most expert legal teams in Slovakia related to financial technologies.


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