Escrow Attorney


Escrow is a legal agreement by virtue of which two parties of a trade in order to maintain the security of payments and ensure the safety and ending of a trade, deposit the cost, goods, and or services to a third party and overseer. In case the trade is finalized, and both parties of buyer and seller are content, the third party gives the cost, goods and or services that he had received to the two parties of the trade. In fact, escrow attorneys are not the attorney to just one party in the trade, but are the attorney to the two parties involved in the trade and are trusted by them both. Escrow attorney has a role in very extensive businesses, from technology companies and startups in the field of Fintech to oil, gas, and agricultural companies.

GH LEGAL s.r.o. the legal firm, with extensive experience in the field of escrow attorney, is by your side so if you draw up the large commercial contract, we will provide the two parties of the trade with the most security by mediating and establishing an escrow attorney. By confirming the payment of interest on lawyer trust account and establishing suitable expert tests in order to ensure the quality of goods and services received, we help both sides of the trade in developing more trust.