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GH LEGAL s.r.o. is the global feeling of trust in the legal presentation in the field of businesses and startups. Our firm is one of the most expert presentation groups in the country of Slovakia that is ready to provide services to all domestic and foreign customers by detailed study and analysis of all global markets and trades and especially activities in the field of financial technologies, Blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and Fintech.

Today investing or launching businesses in the field of Blockchain and cryptocurrencies is one of the riskiest financial activities in the world. Our legal firm backed by the experience of presenting some of the largest cryptocurrency-related companies in the world has turned into the most expert legal firm in Slovakia in the field of presenting companies engaged in cryptocurrencies and Blockchain. We will be with you to make sure of the return of your asset in the field of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology. Legal counseling to establish ICO and STO, legal counseling in launching Blockchain technologies, analyzing legal and financial regulation related to cryptocurrencies and financial technologies in different countries and intellectual ownership are among our other services in presenting financial technologies.

Legal presentation for startups has always challenging, partly because of the difficult process of decision making prior to entering the market and partly because of the breadth of different laws in countries regarding launching new businesses. With a long hand in presenting various startups all across Europe, we will be with you through all stages from ideation to finalizing the permit issuing process and entering the market.


Here at ghlegal, you will receive legal counselling and other legal services of the highest quality, because we believe providing high quality service is our duty.


You will experience a world-class professional experience working with our legal firm in finding legal solutions to any legal issue that is within the purview of our team.


With the experience that our team has in various fields of law and counselling, we will help out client achieve their goals in whatever area they are pursuing them.


Our deep commitment to every single one of our clients in helping them making the world a better place is our all-time biggest honor and it is what drives our legal firm forward.

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